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time, little attention has been paid to the proper care of this material while on the lot. When selecting sale plants under these conditions, make certain that the plants are alive. Regardless of what the sales clerk tells you, horticultural scientists have not discovered a method of reviving dead plants. Happy gardening!

July is the time when many retail garden outlets use a mid-summer clearance sale to rid their yards of plants left over from the spring sale season. In properly managed sales yards, when plants have been watered and fertilized and where insects and diseases have been controlled, plants are still in good condition. They will tolerate transplanting at this time of the year providing that they are balled and burlaped or container grown. Do not attempt to transplant bare-root plant material now. Be careful about buying clearance plants where the sale of plants is a side income source. Most of the

Marc Teffeau has retired as the Director of Research and Regulatory Affairs at the American Nursery and Landscape Association in Washington, D.C. and he now lives in Georgia with his wife, Linda.

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