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low temperatures (below 55°) at flowering, excessive nitrogen fertilizer and herbicide damage. Tomatoes transplanted before warm weather are more likely to produce cat-faced fruit. To reduce cat-facing problems, avoid the use of any 2,4-d herbicides near the garden, don’t transplant early and use minimal nitrogen fertilizer until the third cluster of fruit has formed. Discard all cat-faced fruit. While we are talking about vegetables, start your broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower seeds now so you can set them out as fall transplants in August. It is difficult to locate fall vegetable transplants in this area as most greenhouse growers are oriented to the spring season.

be more prone to blossom end rot. Cultural practices that may reduce this problem include making sure that your soil pH is correct and that enough calcium is present. Incorporate compost into to the soil to improve water retention. Mulch to conserve soil moisture, and to moderate f luctuations in soil temperate and moisture loss. Cat-facing is a disorder that results in malformed fruit which have deep indentations and cavities extending into the blossom end, and brown scar tissue in bands between the lobes. This condition results from interference in the normal fruit development. These include

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