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agent in Talbot a few years back, homeowners would come into the office with samples of funky looking tomatoes and ask what was the problem. Well, there are a couple of environmental factors that cause problems in tomatoes during the summer. Temperature and water may cause abnormalities in the fruit. The most common disorder is blossom end rot. It is caused by the interaction of several factors, primarily the water supply and a calcium imbalance. A small watersoaked spot forms near the blossom end of the fruit. It then becomes dark, leathery and sunken. The affected area may vary from a small spot to over half of the fruit.

Discard all “cat-faced� tomatoes. This problem always stressed out the gardener because he or she was eyeing harvesting the first tomatoes of the plant. Blossom end rot is more of a problem on the first fruit set and is most severe when periods of hot, dry weather following periods of excessive rainfall. Certain varieties of tomatoes seems to


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