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Remember that in the summer, dry conditions may make working the soil difficult and inhibit seed germination. Plant your fall vegetables when the soil is moist after a rain, or water the area thoroughly the day before you plant. Seeds may be planted in a shallow trench to conserve moisture. Cover the seed about twice as deeply as you do in the spring. Early maturing varieties are best for late planting. If you are growing vine crops like cucumbers you can stop vine crops from taking over your garden or lawn by pinching off the fuzzy growing tips. This also directs the plant’s energy into ripening fruit rather than producing more vine. When I was the county extension

Also, watch the weather report for prediction of severe afternoon or evening thunderstorms and prepare to move the container to a more sheltered location, if possible, during heavy rain or wind storms. Don’t forget about the vegetable garden. Continue to make successive plantings of green beans, beets, and sweet corn (early maturing varieties) throughout the month of July. For a fall harvest of cabbage, broccoli, caulif lower and Brussels sprouts, set transplants in late July. For a fall harvest of lettuce, radishes, turnips, kale and spinach, sow seeds in late July to early August.


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