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Gilbert Byron

living more primitively is particularly needed by sedentary workers, such as writers. For years I have admired Henry David Thoreau and his idea. ...I often wanted to test his theories on the simple life. So I have, though sometimes I have found it far from simple. So I made a choice: the same choice which Frost describes in his poem, “The Road Not Taken.”

I came to the woods in the summer of 1946 because it seemed that my writing had reached that point where it deserved a first position. ...In May 1946, I had my first bid from a major publisher ...could I, by any chance, be considering a book. ...I decided to return to the Chesapeake scene and write that book. ...while the ...contract did not materialize, I have gone on with my writing. ...I have found the woods and their solitude a good place to write. This mode of living costs little and this matches the small income from my writing. The physical labor involved in

Byron’s answers to his self-posed questions seem plausible enough ~ e specia l ly when applied to a struggling writer’s circumstances. Other questions of interest about his background and circumstances, however, would never be raised,

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