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The “C” Stands for Careful and just make small talk. The guilt was heavy but I finally slept. The hardest part was the night of the viewing, looking in at his cold, made-up and waxy face. From the start, I was surprised at the number of people who came to pay their respects. There were hundreds of them. They came from his neighborhood, his church and from the power company. They came across town and from out of town. And they all talked about what a fine, Christian man he was. They had stories of how he helped them during the Depression when he had so little himself. They talked of going to visit him at his home in later years, hoping to cheer him up and get his mind off his pain, but finding him far from downcast. Often he cheered them up and had them laughing and praying before they left. Ralph “C” Cooper was a simple man with little material wealth. His formal education was meager, yet he was a man who knew the importance of life and how to live and love. After all these years, I still miss him. Dick Cooper is a Pulitzer Prizewinning journalist. He and his wife, Pat, live and sail in St. Michaels, Maryland. He can be contacted at 46

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Tidewater Times July 2013

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