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The “C” Stands for Careful

turned on and the radio was set to religious music on the local Christian broadcasting station. Grampa was a Christian and was not afraid to show it. He did not curse or drink. His only reading materials were the Bible, church publications and daily scripture meditations that were read after breakfast and supper. Grampa’s long prayers before supper were master pieces. In a rumbling, singsong voice that was so typical of a working man addressing his God, he would pray almost w ithout ceasing, or so it would seem. He would pray for anything and everything that came to mind. He was thankful for his food, clothing, the warmth or the coolness of the day; the rain that watered the

sibly out of economic expedience, for it was in the depths of the Great Depression, he married the woman who had been his housekeeper while his wife was dying. She was a stern woman who bossed him about for the rest of his life, but whom he and the rest of the family grew to love dearly. She was my Gramma, and of her, I will tell more later. Memories that flood back include active, crowded, holiday feasts and quiet Sunday af ter noons at his home. Sunday was the focal day for our family. They were filled with churchgoing, Bible study and family togetherness with little outside influence. The television was not

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