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Tidewater Review in summer. A switch to alcohol for a nighttime haul over familiar waters was no big chore. Trucks then moved the product to slake the thirst of Washington ~ including Congress and the White House. It was inevitable that some players in the game got hurt. Or dead. Reisinger has found a broad field of mischief in that scramble for opportunity and untaxed revenue. Throw in a generous serving of chicanery and the stage is set for danger. It must be noted from the outset that Reisinger uses a hefty number of characters, both good and bad guys, but he makes it easy for the reader to follow the story. The preface lists a cast for each group, those in St. Michaels, another batch in Crisfield, and a third group in Baltimore. This latter group provides some big surprises. The next page in the preface provides a map (or chart) of the Bay in 1924, with only the major ports in the story. It shows where the alcohol is transported and Devil’s Elbow Lighthouse off Crisfield, the scene of the crime. The map is simple, but it imprints the setting in the reader’s mind. Now that the stage is set, it’s time to open the book and shoo away anyone who might interrupt the pure pleasure of following Max and Allison pinning down the real killer(s). Oh, yes ~ Max is reluctant

John Reisinger to become involved, but two of his friends are in danger of being tried (and maybe fried) for murder. Max is friends with police officers and Coast Guard members up and down the Bay because he has solved cases that baff led the professionals so often that his friends and neighbors think he’s something of a genius where crime is involved. Ma x hate s t he c elebr it y t hat comes with the praise. Especially when A l lison tea ses him about it. He would gladly stay out of the fracas, but the previous day his waterman buddies, J.D. and No Whiskey (his proper name is Novitsky), stopped to talk to the lighthouse keeper, Jack Coleman. They told Max that something had to be very wrong. Coleman was edgy and worried about something while they were there. Not just worried ~ he seemed frightened.


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