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Tidewater Review by Anne Stinson

Death at the Lighthouse by John Reisinger. Glyphworks Publishing. 250 pp. $14.95 John Reisinger is on a roll, churning out one af ter another of his accounts of forgotten crimes that happened on the Eastern seaboard nearly a century ago. To call his prose “churning” is inaccurate ~ he and his wife and research partner, Barbara, investigate ever y facet of the real-life cases they use as a framework for his series of crimes. They are all fictionally presented, but they actually happened in the roaring twenties. Reisinger and his w ife pored over the records of the trials and inserted the roles of the amateur detectives, Max and Allison Hurlock. To add to the excitement of Death at the Lighthouse, it happened in our neck of the Bay. Prohibition tempted many local watermen into the lucrative trade of delivering alcohol from farmers’ hidden stills or from the big operators offshore with top-grade Cana-

dian whiskey. Big money and an endless number of shallow creeks, inlets and hidey-holes around the Chesapeake Bay made perfect terrain for avoiding detection. L ocal boats were accustomed to toting oysters to Baltimore and Annapolis in winter and tomatoes


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