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That Fellow Dessy edly, you will have a series of opportunities to perceive the exhibit. Once or twice I thought it pulsed, sort of, but I’m pretty sure it was my eyes reacting, not the whatzis on the wall. Then I discovered something. Standing directly in front of the exhibit, there is a point where you are close enough to see it quite clearly and yet far enough away to be able to take in its entirety without moving your head. For me it may have been about ten feet from the wall; for you, it may be different. But I now think of that spot as the Martin Point, for when I stopped just there, I suddenly realized I didn’t

recognize this thing. I couldn’t. I saw it, but I didn’t know it. The words “What the heck is that thing?” came bubbling up from some deep well of memory. This is an unusual, even unsettling, feeling. It was not what I thought it was. But what it was, I knew not. There at the Martin Point it is simply not possible to know what one is seeing. Turrell deals in light, not optical illusions or mere gimmicks to trick the eye. He brings light to you, for you to experience in new and surprising ways. The feeling is pleasurable, too, or (dare I say) delightful? Eventually, of course, you have to step closer to resolve the mystery. That’s when, it could be said,

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