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That Fellow Dessy **** The Martin Point Now, at my exalted age, I figure I’ve seen it all. Well, not all, of course, I know that. But it isn’t very often that I am confronted with something unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. The other day I was reminded of an old “Saturday Night Live” sketch in which Steve Martin pokes his head into the frame, gazes intently at something he’s seeing behind us, and then, with a puzzled look he says, “What the heck is that?” He then shrugs, disappears, and we are left with an empty stage. Suddenly he pops back into view, wrin-

kles his brow, squints, and says, “Well, what the heck is that, anyway?” The bit continues through about twenty iterations, with Martin looking more and more puzzled, and asking the same question over again with slight variations. It sounds stupid, and it was. But it also was quite impossible not to laugh at Martin’s persistent curiosity and his clever rephrasing of the same question, by turns in anger, astonishment, puzzlement, and frustration. We in the audience wait expectantly to learn what it is that he finds so intriguing but can’t quite make out, but in vain. We are never shown what he is looking at, which gives the simple little skit its perfect ending.

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