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Super Flavors for the Super Game! cheering right to the last whistle! Here’s an easy way to host a game-day party: put on a chili buffet. Cook up this chicken or vegetable chili recipe, place it in a slow cooker to keep warm and set out bowls of favorite toppings so your guests can customize their servings. Below are recipes for chili that can be ready in about 30 minutes, and other snackables that have a tiny bit less of what weighs you down the day after. The emphasis is on quick and uncomplicated.

Are you aware that it is far and away America’s largest secular holiday, and that the celebration requires not only watching the game on television, but eating a hefty snack or meal while doing so? Of course, we are referring to the Super Bowl. If you are having a party to watch the super game, even if it’s just for the halftime show, you have to crank out some really super food. American are predicted to eat over a billion chicken wings this Super Bowl Sunday. Another largely popular food is pizza, which makes up over half of all take-out food that day, with more than 12 million pizzas. At the same time, more than 8 million pounds of guacamole is eaten with 28 million pounds of chips. Whew!! Remember that cheese coma you slipped into last year! And don’t forget that salt overload from all the chips and the lingering grease malaise from the wings and dip? Have no fear. Here are a few recipes to keep your crowd happy and

TANGY CHICKEN CHILI This chili has a real tangy kick