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Namaste from India! by Bonna L. Nelson

Namaste is a Hindu greeting that means I bow to you, and that my divine soul recognizes the divine soul in you. The greeting is done with hands brought together, fingertips touching, at the heart. The gesture of respect can be used as both a hello and a goodbye. We received and gave many Namastes during our two weeks of exploring exotic India. At dusk on our second day, we met beautiful Indian women dressed in sarees in dimly lit rooms near the Samode Palace. Swaths of goldtrimmed colorful silk in shades of turquoise, orange, amber, coral, lavender and r uby were strew n about the rooms. The lovely ladies wrapped, pinned and draped us in the silk sarees, put matching glittering bangles on our arms and placed jeweled bindis in the center of our foreheads. The nine of us felt like princesses. White-attired, red-turbaned Indian men holding f laming torches and playing drums and f lutes escorted us two by two to wooden camel-drawn chariots. We lounged on cushions and greeted smiling, wav ing families along the route through the town leading to the palace. When we arrived, the sky

Preparing to take the camel-drawn cart down to the Samode Palace. erupted in fireworks. Though we were all well-traveled women, as defined by age and experience, we were astonished and amazed by the beautiful show arranged just for us. The golden-sareed ladies who dressed us also greeted us at the long, marigold petal-lined stairway leading to the palace. They placed fresh marigold necklaces over our heads and red vermillion powder 63

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