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Local Craftsman Takes Time to Keep History Alive by Dick Cooper

The clocks that f ill Scott McCash’s Easton shop tell much more than time. The rhythmic ticks of the myriad machines speak of mystery and romance, ingenuity and discovery, success and failure. They chart several hundred years in man’s long-running attempts to keep track of time, and display it at a glance. For McCash, each clock in the shop has a story that he is quick to share: from the wood-works clock built in

America before metal parts were readily available, to the grandfather clocks passed down through generations, to the “murder clock” that was handcrafted in prison. “That’s one of the nice things about this area,” McCash says of the Eastern Shore. “It is filled with some really interesting stuff. I have clocks in my ‘stable’ that most of the people in my trade never see unless they go to museums, and that’s really fun.”

There is always an assortment of clocks hanging from every wall at the McCash Clock Company in Easton. 23

January 2016 ttimes web magazine  

Tidewater Times January 2016

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