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Mariah’s Mission by Cliff Rhys James

“The lives of the dead shine bright in the memories of the living.” ~ Cicero Sounding like the hideous monster he was, Josef Stalin once said, “One death is a tragedy, but thousands of deaths are only a statistic.” Unsurprisingly, he was as wrong about that as he was about most things in his wretched life, for as any decent soul knows, thousands of deaths become thousands of tragedies for tens of thousands of loved ones who are left behind to live with memories of the departed. This is especially true for the legions lost to the scourge of substance abuse. You see, there’s a serial killer on the loose, and sadly, while it still stalks the mean streets of our inner cities, it has more recently expanded the geographic reach of its swath of destruction. Increasingly it culls its victims from the ranks of our sons and daughters ~ young men and women from small towns and suburbs who were healthy and happy and who once glowed bright with the promise of many tomorrows. In 1993, at the age of eleven, artistically gifted Mariah Albee was a loving child with many friends in

Mariah Albee the midst of a happy childhood. She not only competed on the swim team and cheerleading squad, she studied flute and ballet. She not only enjoyed the distinction of being the youngest member of the Anne Arundel Community College Concert Band, she even performed with the Ballet Theater of Annapolis in several Nutcracker Suite productions. 69

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Tidewater Times February 2016

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