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Sheriff Warns Pill Abuse Can Lead to Heroin by Dick Cooper

Joe Gamble looks at his job with a linebacker’s eye. He watches the action unfold and then runs straight at it hoping to make an impact. Since he was elected Sheriff of Talbot County just over a year ago, he has focused his attention on the pervasive and sometimes deadly use of drugs, especially prescription pharmaceuticals and heroin. Gamble, a career Mary-

land State Trooper and former defensive star for the Towson University Tigers, says the recent drug epidemic often starts at home and knows no social or educational barriers. “When I was on the outside, I realized we had a problem. Now that I am on the inside for a year and hearing the horror stories from parents, it is as bad as I believed it was, maybe

Talbot County Sheriff Joe Gamble. 27

February 2016 ttimes web magazine  

Tidewater Times February 2016

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