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Swashbucklers of the Bay - Part II

Privateers from the American Revolution to the War of 1812 by Cliff Rhys James

limited naval forces of the 13 colonies were far out-numbered and seriously out-gunned by England’s Royal Navy, which ruled the seas protecting commercial sea lanes so critically important to that island nation. In fact, in 17 76 only 31 American ships of all classes were in commission, and even that small number was swiftly reduced by capture and blockade until at last, by 1781, a paltry seven ships sailed un-

Down through history’s ghostly procession of high seas exploits, from the early 17th century origins of the new world colonies to the American Revolution and the War of 1812, audacious swashbucklers sailing from the Chesapeake Bay checkmated and outmaneuvered the superior navies of several European Empires ~ not least of these Great Britain. During the colonial period, the

The battle between the Chasseur and the St. Lawrence took place off the coast of Havana on February 26, 1815. 55

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