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by Gary D. Crawford I’ve been fond of trains ever since I rode one, alone, from Dayton, Ohio, to my grandparents in Cleveland when I was five years of age. That fostered an interest in model trains, and I had a fine Lionel set that I was mighty attached to. It came as a Christmas present when I was 8 years old, though my dad, always a kidder, made me work for it.

L i k e R a lph i e , t h at k id i n A C hr i s t ma s S tor y, I w a s r e a l ly hoping ~ nay, ex pecting ~ t hat Santa would hear my heartfelt need that Christmas. I had even written to him about it. But Chr istmas morning didn’t begin well. I could tell almost at f irst glance there was no train set for me under the tree. No box was the right shape

This was the train of my dreams. 139

February 2015 ttimes web magazine  

Tidewater Times February 2015

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