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Maryland Eye - Kenneth Basile by Helen Chappell

Eased between two banks of green and ferny upland woods, the Gunpowder River, a mere creek up in the mountains, tumbles over rocks and rapids, heading toward the Bay on a day in the high and sunny summer. The green is so lush and the water so clear, it’s almost magic. Staubs anchoring fishing nets rise out of the Bay festooned with rope, while other staubs on land hoist purple martin houses over a yard on Hooper’s Island. Water lilies bloom in a freshwater creek in Lusby. Windmills dot the horizon in Carroll County. Each photograph is both a visual treat and a narrative that beckons you to tell the story. This is Ken’s second book of photographs. His first book, Mexico City: Out and About, was produced by Ken and his wife, Karen. It is a stunning visual treatise of color, life and culture in Mexico City, and was published in 2011 to very good reviews. Ken’s third book, Chesapeake Bay Panoramas, is due out later this year. Ken and his family moved to the Eastern Shore over forty years ago, when he worked at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Mi-

It is said that the best things come in small packages. You can hold Kenneth Basile’s latest book of photographic studies in one hand, yet each picture is a story, a meditation and a statement. Maryland Landscapes, the latest book from the Director Emeritus of the Ward Museum, is a small treasure that opens some very large and beautiful vistas of our state.

A sunrise breaks the dawn of a Maryland river in studies of blue and gray highlighted by the thousand pinks and oranges and yellows of a new day, reflected in the mirror of the water. Ghost boats, towed up a Smith Island gut, rest on the yellow marsh grass, with a canopy of the vast and open sky arching over the landscape. The isolation is almost palpable. 9

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Tidewater Times February 2015

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