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Aruba - One Happy Island by Dick Cooper just over four hours away on a nonstop plane. We also wanted a quiet retreat without jet skis, para-sailors a nd b e ach D Js. A f ter c ombi ng through websites, we settled on the Bucuti, a boutique hotel complex catering to couples. We liked it so much that we have been back four times and have a lready booked our 2014 trip. It is a good thing we signed up when we did; Aruba in high season (December through March) is sold out. T he mot to of A r uba i s “O ne Happy Island,” and we were pleased to discover that the PR guys did not oversell their product. “This is prettier than the pictures,” Pat says as we hold hands and watch the sun

One of the small wonders of this t ropic a l isla nd in t he sout her n reaches of the Caribbean Sea is that the beach sand does not get hot. Even in the afternoon, after hours of almost equatorial sunshine, the sand is cool underfoot as you walk down to the surf line. It is as if the attentive managers of the Bucuti and Tara Beach Resorts where we stay have figured out one more way to make us comfortable. My wife, Pat, and I first came to A ruba nine years ago on our honeymoon. We were looking for a warm-weather getaway, but we have a strong aversion to connecting f lights. After several Internet searches, we found that Aruba was

Bucuti and Tara Beach Resorts in Aruba. 25

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Tidewater Times February 2014

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