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Tidewater Traveler by George W. Sellers, CTC The Big Green Dome Crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge from east to west, one notices the skyline of Annapolis to the left. Church steeples, communication towers, yacht masts and two prominent domes are visible. One dome is the Maryland State House, and the other is the green Naval Academy Chapel dome. The green color is due to the oxidation of the copper. The interior of the structure is reminiscent of grand European ca-

thedrals, but not as ornate. To the others I must look like a country bumpkin gawking at city skyscrapers. I have moved aside, just inside the front door, to avoid blocking the flow of others entering. I suppose that most of these people have been here many times before, as it seems they take the view for granted. The others in my party have gone ahead and claimed seats. I just want to stand here for a few more minutes to absorb the

The big green dome of the United States Naval Academy Chapel. 159

February 2014 ttimes web magazine  

Tidewater Times February 2014

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