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f leet, Aylwin participated in the historic Battle of Plattsburgh Bay. This pivotal U. S. Naval victory, which culminated in two hours of slaughter and destruction on a Sunday morning, effectively prevented the British from using the nautical highway of Lake Champlain to invade the United States from Canada. Aylwin, the name I had selected for my 32’ sailing sloop on the waters of Lake Champlain, suddenly brought me up short. On a dark summer afternoon of 4 August 1992, my Aylwin was about to enter the waters of Plattsburgh Bay. My wife and I were celebrating our fifth anniversary on board. By chance, a tack had brought us

port, England. After the war’s end, she inspected German Baltic ports and otherwise showed the f lag. The unsettling coincidence is rooted in the first Aylwin. It startled me to read that she was a galley gunboat built in Burlington, Vermont, in June or July of 1813. The first Aylwin formed part of Commodore Thomas Macdonough’s f leet on Lake Champlain. On 11 September 1814, as part of that


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