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been studied, revered and held up as a song the same way Eliot’s poems have been viewed. Last week, I ran up Rails to Trails in Easton listening to the song, thinking about the Beastie Boys and the book, not giving thought to the fact that I was running by the houses and neighborhood that were built out of the office that we painted those days in ’89, listening to the same song we listened to then. I wasn’t thinking that I was running by that same friend’s old house, which has since been torn down, where we used to listen to the same album, sitting on his skateboard ramp. Instead, I was thinking of Adam Yauch (MCA), whose memory and presence are everywhere in the

book, and whose voice my daughters, teenagers now, can identify as the one in the band who died. Instead, I was listening to MCA’s lyrics, which I hadn’t really caught before: Fishing for a line for a line inside my brain And looking out at the world



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