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New Twist on Holiday Appetizers The holiday weeks can be a frantic time for the weight-conscious person whose palate and patience are tempted beyond good reasoning and discipline. Your first thought might be to decline an appetizer to save the calories. Fortunately, appetizers don’t have to be a threat to your diet if you keep a few tips in mind. An appetizer can actually help you eat less. Warm soups and beverages start the digestive juices flowing and can help fill you up before you have the entree. The key is to eat slowly. Instead of rushing through the appetizer, moderate your pace. Reduce the temptation to overindulge with pick-up appetizers. Decide what type and amount of food you will allow yourself beforehand; then prepare your plate. If you are the one preparing the appetizers, remember that simple unadorned fare is easier on the taste buds and takes less preparation. Leave off the deep-fried bat-

ters and fancy morsels laden with sweeteners and heavy cream. Use the extra time to enjoy your guests. Here are some appetizer hints and ideas for the Christmas holidays. Easy Appetizer Planning Tips My years of catering have certainly been helpful, as have the ideas from Ken Upton of Annapolis, and my sweet mom, when it comes to preparing to entertain. When planning a party, I find it best to make five or six different appetizers. Choose three or four that can be made ahead and either served cold, at room temperature, 73

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