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Cedar Grove The Founding of Newcomb Village by Gary D. Crawford

The rural communities of the Eastern Shore have roots that in many cases go back to colonia l times. While these histories may have little significance today, they do have interest and ought not to be forgotten entirely. And it can be fun to tease them out. Rec ent ly, I bega n wonder i ng about a place I pass several times a week, called Newcomb Village. It lies on the western side of Talbot County between the towns of St. Michaels and Easton, at the mouth of Oak Creek just off the Miles River. As one approaches the Oak Creek Bridge coming from St. Michaels, it’s on the right. There’s a county landing there and a little post office. So far as I know, no one ever called it the “triangle village,” but it wouldn’t have been so wrong to do so, for Route 33, Route 329, and Station Road form a nearly perfect triangle at the heart of the old village. Other parcels have been added outside the triangle recently for planning purposes. A proper history of Newcomb Village has yet to be written, but some research was done in the 1980s. From that and other sources, I have

managed to piece together these few notes. The story begins with the colonial period, of course. The first settlers were, by and large, real estate developers. Each new settler in the colony was permitted 100 acres initially, and upon arrival, they began scouting the countr yside for promising places to establish homes and farms. Water access was essential, of course, as there were no roads. Native American trails


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