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Keeping the Umbrella Open For All Seasons, Inc. by Bonna L. Nelson

Just as the seasons change, so do the events in the lives of our families, friends and ourselves, creating needs that often cannot be met alone. Sometimes those needs are best met with professional support. For All Seasons is here to help. We have all experienced issues, ing that you don’t know where to challenges and changes in life. We turn ~ you are at wits’ end and you are not always happy about the feel totally unequipped to handle cards that life has dealt us. We don’t any more. We have all read stories always know where to turn for help and have thought, “There, but for when we are overwhelmed by life’s the grace of God, go I.” We wonder how a person can handle all of the trials and tribulations. Just now, for example, like many stress and get through the day. Fortunately, for those of us who of my friends, I am experiencing the anxieties of the so-called “sandwich l ive on t he Mid- Shore t here i s generation.” I am coordinating the help. FOR A LL SE A SONS, INC. care of an ailing parent in Dela- Behavioral Health Clinic and Rape ware and helping out children and Cr isis Center has the resources a grandchild on the western shore. and expertise available for those in I often feel on edge and pulled in need. Whether one is dealing with being overwhelmed by the stresses many directions. Trying to care for parents, chil- of daily life, the loss of a loved one, dren and grandchildren, and attend or coping with life-altering trauma, to our own aging and health issues, this wonderful, caring organization can be exhausting and it can take its is there for support through the diftoll. With the support of family and ficult times. “We want to raise awareness in friends we usually can get through it, but what if the stresses become the community that we are here to help,” Beth Anne Langrell, new unmanageable? Just imagine if you or a loved one executive director of FAS, told me. experience some life-altering trau- “‘It’s okay to not be okay,’ is our new ma, whether it be physical, mental campaign theme for the coming or emotional, that is so overwhelm- year,” she continued. “We are work55

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Tidewater Times December 2014

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