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Warm Memories of Christmas Presents Past by Dick Cooper Of all the Christmas presents I have received in all my 67 Christmases, f lannel pajamas are the most memorable. From teddy-bear designs to paisleys to masculine vertical stripes, f lannel pajamas were a constant through my formative years. They were not just any flannel pajamas. They were bespoke PJs,

custom-tailored and lovingly handsewn by my Gramma deSchipper. T he r e w a s s e ldom a ny my s tery about what was in the nicely w r app e d lo o se for m u nder t he Christmas tree in Gramma’s living room. It may have been a surprise in my earliest memories, but by the time I had reached eight or nine,

The Cooper kids ~ Mary, Dick and Bob in their new PJs. 25

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Tidewater Times December 2014

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