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Tidewater Review by Anne Stinson

Someone by A lice McDermott. Picador, Farrar, Straus and Girous P ublishers. 232 pp. $15. ($9.37 at your online bookstore) A nother bestseller from A lice McDermott, a novel with a vague title, Someone. Just that, a story about the life of an ordinary woman with a relatively ordinary childhood, adult years and old age. If that sounds like a yawn, the book will be a happy surprise. The someone is Marie. From the first page to the last, we are mesmerized by the quiet, shy girl who notices all the action on the street ~ the boys playing stickball in the road; the blind neighbor making calls on disputed stickball plays; the working men and women coming out of the subway exit at the end of the street after a workday; Pegeen, a plain girl with limited intelligence who lives next door; and best of all, her daddy’s return home from work. Marie is seven years old, and has an older brother, Gabe, who is headed for the priesthood. Her grandparents came from Ireland. Indeed, it’s an Irish Catholic neighborhood in

Brooklyn. That’s as far as her grandparents got when they got off the boat from Ireland. Marie learns about death and grief early ~ the book opens when Pegeen returns from her job and stops to talk about her day. She says she had a tumble on the subway, but a nice young man helped her to get up. “I fall down a lot,” she says, “but there’s always somebody nice to help me.”


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Tidewater Times December 2014

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