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by Jack Scanlon, MD As we entered the cove, the recently risen sun burnished easterly clouds over the Choptank River. A brilliant harvest moon was setting above the Bay’s western shore. The large four-stroke outboard engine, that had pushed the center console boat across the river, had been shut down. The front-mounted electric motor would silently pull us the rest of the way. We were looking for sunken rock structures as targets at which to sling surface plugs. Such under-

water hideouts often hold rockfish, know n as striped bass (Morone sa x it ilis) in regions beyond the Chesapeake Bay. The striped bass, Maryland’s official state fish, came by its local sobriquet honestly. They are ambush predators who hide down current, behind rocks or other underwater structures. From such lairs they v iolent ly pounce on bait f ish or crustaceans washed past by moving tidal water. The rocks we sought were former

Striped bass ~ more commonly known as rockfish. 179

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Tidewater Times December 2013

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