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Tidewater Traveler by George W. Sellers, CTC

The Aboriginal People of Australia I know she must be suppressing her amusement at my kindergartenish artistic efforts. I dab the tiny brush into bright pigments ~ pigments from natural elements of the nearby rainforest. This poor little rock ~ by the luck of the draw ~ has found its way to my work area here on the long bench under the trees that shade the arts and crafts workspace. Wiggly red lines; small yellow dots; smaller white dots ~ it looked much better as a common river rock. To our group Tiella has made the offer to help where needed. She settles on a log bench across the work table from me. Instinctively, she knows where help will be needed. After observing my early brush stokes, I think she also knows there is little she can do, so we talk. Tiella is a beautiful young girl with dark but bright eyes. She has long straight black hair and flawless mocha skin. The symbols of her tribal mascot, the Kookaburra, are painted on her cheeks, arms and legs. Her attire is simple, brown cloth with leather accessories ~ not

Tiella’s passion is to keep Aboriginal heritage alive for future generations. the kind of leather accessories one might find at Neiman Marcus. Instead, she is wearing modest handmade utilitarian pieces. She wears the native paint and attire, not as an actress might wear it, but as a person proud of her culture.


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Tidewater Times December 2013

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