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Dreck the Halls by Helen Chappell

It’s Christmas time again! Time to enjoy your friends, or that family reunion, where everyone brings a covered dish and an unresolved issue. If you’ve ever seen the film The Big Chill, you’ll understand the sort of deeply rooted friendships, closer than family, that brought a rag-tag gang of us together many years ago for the season of Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men....Ha! We’d all known each other since junior high school, for one thing. One of my best friends ended up marrying the brother of another of my best friends. They proceeded to do the domestic thing, popping out three of my beloved goddaughters, and their house became the hangout spot for the gang. Bunny, the matriarch of the clan, was a stay-at-home mom who decided to become a mini-Martha Stewart. She also ruled and rules the rest of us with an iron hand and some wonderful cooking. She wanted, I think, to be Martha Stewart, but I don’t think even Martha could be “Martha Stewart” without a small army of backup crew. Bunny is married to Bob, a talented musician, all-around nice guy

Bunny was a mini-Martha Stewart. and a master of passive aggression around the holidays. When he had time off from work, all he wanted to do was play his guitar, listen to music and kick back. His job as a sheltered workshop supervisor in a state mental hospital must have been high stress, and God knows being the sole breadwinner for a family of five wasn’t easy. And then there were my beloved 11

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