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Tidewater Traveler by George W. Sellers, CTC

Lola the Lab and the Lucky Lobster Chocolate – really dark, rich, chocolate – is the color of her coat. Smooth as velvet is the texture of her flawless hair. Her eyes are bright as she surveys folks strolling past. Lola’s chin rests on her front paws. She waits politely while her human sister, seated on a nearby brick step, licks the runs from an ice cream cone. Lola seems perfectly satisfied to rest on the brick sidewalk until the frozen treat is brought under control. Her contentment is further demonstrated by a slack leash. Her demeanor is uncommonly mature for a four-month-old puppy. At the other end of Lola’s leash is Dad. He tells us that she is a pure-bred chocolate Labrador retriever and he credits his wife for Lola’s remarkably good behavior. She is a beautiful young dog. Her hair pattern is immaculate and its shiny smoothness begs to be touched to be believed. The brick pavers on which Lola reclines are part of a several-block area around Market Square in the revitalized downtown of Newbury-

Lola, a beautiful young chocolate Labrador retriever. port, Massachusetts. I still have trouble quickly putting together those three word parts to pronounce the name of this town smoothly – Newburyport. It sounds like a name that could have been created by a committee. Start with Bury, a small city in Manchester, England; and like so 71

Tidewater Times December 2012  

December 2012 Tidewater Times

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