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Hosting a Holiday Party Delicious food made with quality ingredients, plus family and great friends, is the recipe for a great holiday party! I love to make overthe-top healthy appetizers, but let’s face it, this time of year is crazybusy. You can impress, even if time is short, with these fast, eye-catching starters. While there is nothing wrong with a sit-down dinner, most people prefer a cocktail party or open house during the holidays. Here are some tips to make your party a huge success!  Have the party as close to Christmas as possible, and pick a weeknight so more friends can come.  Invitations set the tone. Send an invitation that sets the mood of the party.  Decorate in advance. While decorating your home for the holidays, make those decorations an extension of your party decorations. For instance, take some ornaments from the tree and arrange them along the middle of the table,

interspersed with different-sized candles. Pick a color or motif to tie it all together.  Plan your menu in advance.  Allergies ~ ask your guests a few days in advance if they have any food allergies so you can adjust your menu.  Plan for more food and beverages than you will need. This is not the place to skimp.  Prepare in advance. Set your table with serving pieces and bring out the glasses from the bar. Prepare food in advance whenever possible. It leaves less chance for mishaps and more time for fun.  Clear countertops and load the dishwasher when you find a free minute. This will save work later in the evening and keep your kitchen free of clutter.  Keep it casual. If you are having a larger party, have one or two helpers, or even hire a bartender, so you can be more relaxed. If you don’t feel harried, your guests are more likely to enjoy themselves.


Tidewater Times December 2012  

December 2012 Tidewater Times

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