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The Twilight of the Post Office by Helen Chappell

your packages, it’s the loss of the last true heart of the community. You go to the post office to find out about yourself, first of all. Here you can learn what you’re supposed to have been up to, and what your neighbors think about it. In small towns, people know what you’re going to do before you do it. In rural areas the post office is where you see your friends and neighbors and find out what’s up with them. Of course, the neighbors may not be up to what everyone says they’re up to, but you never know. For many years, the post office

They’re talking about making big changes to the post office in our little town. Our options are to close it down, shorten the hours, or let someone run it out of their existing business. In the two hundred and fifty years since Benjamin Franklin started the postal service, it’s come to this. I know change is inevitable, and electronic media is swallowing the culture, but I still find this sad. It’s hard to imagine life without the post office in a small town. It’s not just a question of where you’re going to pick up your mail (mostly bills), buy your stamps and send

I heard that wasn’t even her real bill... she had a bill job!


Tidewater Times December 2012  

December 2012 Tidewater Times

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