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The Sweetest Peaches It’s simple; to develop its sugars, a peach has to spend as much time on the tree as possible. So, if it’s picked green to withstand shipping, it will never reach its full sweetness potential. Green peaches will shrivel instead of ripening. This is why fresh local peaches, like local strawberries, will always be worth waiting for. But having said all that, we have to admit the growers in the Cen-

tral Valley of California are getting pretty good at sending them farther afield. The peach-growing conditions are ideal ~ lovely soil, hot summers, and fog that keeps the winter temperatures just a bit above freezing. Encouraged by consumer demand, growers are leaving the fruit on the trees longer, packing it more carefully, and f lying it to market. Still, the peaches around here


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Tidewater Times August 2016

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