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Continuing the Dream Wingard Motor Sports by Cliff Rhys James

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams And live the life you have imagined. ~ Henry David Thoreau The guy is a pain in the neck, not because he’s grim or disagreeable ~ he’s neither of those. In fact, he’s friendly, even animated, and always eager to share his unfolding dreams: dreams made tangible by brains, muscle and sweat; adrenaline dreams of slammed-back-inyour-seat acceleration and speed like a peregrine falcon in a vertical dive; triumphant dreams of reciprocating beasts w ith f lat torque cur ves and mountains of power

packed into low-slung aluminum and lightweight carbon fiber; paradoxical dreams of graceful styling, sleek contours and double diamond stitching on fine imported European leather; and all of it somehow incongruously delivering up the fulsome growl of American muscle bored, stroked, polished, ported and tuned for 700 HPs worth of exhilaration. No, you see, Bob Wingard is a literal pain in the neck, or at least a pain in my neck at the moment, because while I’m 5’ 9”, he’s every bit of 6’ 9” tall, and so my head is racked back like a ceiling inspector as we talk for an hour in the belly

Wingard Motor Sports, Crofton, Maryland. 159

August 2016 ttimes web magazine  

Tidewater Times August 2016

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