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Lighthouse Launch by Wayne Brown

curved deck planking. There was no ship’s wheel, nor engine controls, nor seating. But the hull carried a normal-looking propeller and rudder mounted at the transom. A man walked over and said, “There’s no engine or anything inside. It is going on display with the Lighthouse.” The man, who turned out to be Christopher Clark, said he had worked on the boat. When he originally offered to help they asked him if he was a boatbuilder. “I told them I was a tool and die maker.”

In April, on a visit to Cambridge, I spotted a well-proportioned power boat with lines suggesting a cabin motorboat of the 1930s era being painted in a shed at Ruark Boatworks. Walking around the 22’ boat on its cradle, with the name Miss Polly on the bow, I could almost see it cutting through the Bay with a joyful crew. Because the deck was above eye level, I climbed a step ladder for an overhead look at the cockpit and cabin ~ but nothing was there. Just

Miss Polly on her davits at the Choptank River Lighthouse. 77

August 2015 ttimes web magazine  

August 2015 Tidewater Times

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