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Taters, Scrapple & Diet Coke by Kathi Ferguson

Every once in a while we take delight in meeting someone who, for whatever reason, leaves us with an immediate and lasting impression. Most often, it seems, that person is an adult. But occasionally it turns out to be a really cool kid who grabs our attention and takes us in. On a lazy July morning, as I enjoyed a last sip of coffee at Tilghman Island’s Two if by Sea Restaurant before paying my bill, I could not help but notice a sandy-haired boy walk by, head straight for the counter, sit down, and order break-

fast. “Chocolate chip pancakes today?” asks the server. “Yeah, and a Diet Coke, please,” answers 11-year old Hayden Wilson. “Sometimes he comes in with his mom and dad or his friend Kadan,” the owner tells me. “Mostly he’s by himself.” Intrigued that Hayden is quite comfortable dining solo (and a smart phone is nowhere in sight!), I decide to introduce myself and am quick to discover that this young Islander is a regular customer. “I was probably like five when I started to come in here,” he informs me.

Hayden Wilson dines solo at Two if by Sea Restaurant. 39

August 2015 ttimes web magazine  

August 2015 Tidewater Times

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