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The Patriot A Floating Icon on the Miles River by Dick Cooper

For more t ha n fou r dec ade s, the distinctive loud blasts of the Patriot’s horn ~ one long, three short ~ have been as much a part of St. Michaels’ background music as the bells of Christ Church. Two to three times a day, the horn signals the start of another cruise out of the historic harbor and up the Miles River, ferrying tourists and locals alike along the waters once plied by steamers, schooners, skipjacks and British invaders.

As the red, white and blue cruise boat backs into the harbor, Captain John Marrah’s booming voice can be heard telling passengers that the Patriot is the second oldest tourist attraction in town. For the next hour, the passengers learn about the histor y of the many historic homes that line the river and the lives of the people who built them. Kids sip sodas and eat hot dogs and take turns at the helm while Captain John stands over their shoulder giv-

The Patriot returning to St. Michaels Harbor. 23

August 2013 ttimes web magazine  

Tidewater Times August 2013

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