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Plaques in the Park by Gary D. Crawford

Memories are funny things ~ they tend to fade, like photos exposed to the sun. Those of yesterday, the Fourth of July, 2013, are still fairly bright and sharp. But many of us took photos to hold onto those images a while. With the passage of years we know the events themselves will become blurred, and one day all those who witnessed them will depart. Second-hand memories will remain, but they are less sharp and

less accurate. The stories will be passed along for a while, and then they are lost. We are left saddened, realizing that now we will never be able to identify those other people in the photo with our grandparents or what the occasion might have been. Communities, too, try to retain the memory of those people and events in which they take pride for one reason or another. Sometimes they seek to memorialize their past with statues and monuments. Even

Bird Dog and the Road Kings playing in Kronsberg Park. 141

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Tidewater Times August 2013

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