Tidewater Times April 2019

Page 27

Aging is Like Traveling by Bonna L. Nelson

Every moment is a fresh beginning. ~ T.S. Eliot Aging is like traveling: there are exciting new places to visit including imaging centers, test labs, urgent care clinics, doctors’ offices, surgical centers, pharmacies, hospitals, rehabs, nursing homes and physical therapy shops. There are also exciting new challenges to face, including aches and pains, disintegrating joints, throbbing backs, senior moments, prostatitis, hair loss, hearing loss, receding gums, dentures and off-kilter tickers. Then there are exciting new people to meet, including doctors, nurses, audiologists, cardi-

ologists, proctologists, podiatrists, radiologists, urologists, orthopods, surgeons, physical therapists, receptionists, fellow patients and many other “ists.” Let’s not forget, there is exciting new gear to purchase ~ loose fitting clothes, wigs, sturdy shoes, compression socks, compression bands, heat packs, ice packs, hearing aids, reading glasses, wrinkle creams, shower chairs, grabbers, grab bars, wheelchairs, walking sticks, walkers and canes. Oh, and there is an exciting new language