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garden. Hardy chrysanthemums are one of those perennials that need to be divided periodically. They have a tendency to spread by underground stems. This multiplication of plants increases the demand for water, light and nutrients. Over time, crowded mums will result in smaller flowers. If you want your chrysanthemums to produce the large flowers they once did, it is important to divide them now. To divide the mums, simply dig up each clump as soon as you begin to see new young plants growing near the base of the old stems. Shake as much soil from the roots as possible to facilitate dividing. Next, pull apart small clusters of young plants from the large clump. Small

groups of plants are much simpler to divide than an entire clump. Separate these small clusters into individual plants or into groups of two or three plants each. Make certain that each plant, or group of plants, has adequate roots for transplanting. Replant them in the bed, or move them to new locations in the yard.

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