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Tidewater Gardening Most bulb flowers respond well to the addition of cut flower “food” or floral preservatives to the water. Tulips are the exception. Keep the tulips fresh and full of vigor by adding fresh cool water to the vase every day or so. Fresh tulips will last a good week or more in the vase with a little help. For the longest flower life, keep tulips in a cool spot in the room, out of direct sunlight. Keep them away from heat sources.

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If you like to combine tulips and narcissi (daffodils) together, first treat the narcissi by trimming the stems and keeping them in a separate container of water for a few hours before adding them to the arrangement. This step allows the slimy sap in the narcissi stems to run off. The mucilage sap of narcissi can adversely affect other flowers in the vase by clogging their water uptake channels. Reports on the serious declining state of pollinators, honeybees in particular, have been in the news


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