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The Case for CASA

says to the CASA volunteer, ‘you are my hero.’” What? Facts, you say - you want some facts? I’ll give you some facts:

know that you have always believed in me, and I appreciate that. I also know it seems at times that I’m not grateful – but I am. Thank you for helping me to become a much stronger person. Love, **** Something is happening here.

For Fiscal Year 2015, CASA of the Mid-Shore: *86 children served by 69 CASA volunteers *58% of children were male; 42% were female. *44% were Caucasian, 36% were African American, 8% were Latino, and 12% were bi-racial. *50% of CASA cases involve children 12 and over. *The majority of children served were victims of multiple forms of maltreatment. *CASA volunteers authored over 1,000 written recommendations to the court regarding the best interests of their appointed child. 94% of those were accepted by the court. *11 children adopted into safe, loving homes *9 new CASA volunteers joined the ranks. *The average CASA volunteer spends 8 to 12 hours per month supporting their assigned child.

Ask me what CASA is all about, and I could provide you with something like their mission statement: CASA of the Mid-Shore is a nonprofit organization that advocates for the best interests of Children In Need of Assistance ( CINA ) who are under the protection of the Circuit Courts of Talbot, Dorchester, Queen Anne’s and Kent Counties due to abuse, neglect or abandonment. Or I could simply repeat what some folks have publicly said: “CASA volunteers are the spark of hope for children,” The Honorable Stephen Kehoe, Talbot County Circuit Court Judge. “CASA volunteers act as the eyes and ears of the Court,” The Honorable Paul Bowman, Kent County Circuit Court Judge. “I’ve got to say, you folks are my heroes,” a Circuit Court Judge said as he addressed a CASA pre-service class. It doesn’t get much better than that,” Robin Davenport tells me. To which CASA Outreach Director Jane Crawford adds, “The only thing that’s better is when a child

CASA of the Mid-Shore has earned a well-deserved reputation for credibility and performance. And because our region of small villages enjoys the happy combination of low population density and an active volunteer base, every Child in Need of Assistance is blessed with a CASA 66

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