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The Case for CASA

the CASA volunteers themselves. Walt Whitman once wrote about them. He said: Behold, I do not give Lectures or a little charity. When I give, I give Myself A nine- or ten-year-old girl was raised in deplorable conditions. Her clothes didn’t fit, her personal hygiene was poor, she needed glasses, had no self-esteem and lacked social graces. Things were very bad when she came into the foster care system. After a while it became apparent that reunification with her family was simply not an option, and in the process she grew very close to her CASA volunteer. Several years later, she ended up in the hospital in serious condition. When given the chance to call someone, she chose her CASA volunteer. While always wanting to be encouraging, the CASA volunteer, who above all else must remain honest, said to her, “I can’t bring you the light at the end of the tunnel, but I will stand with you and by you until together we figure out where the light is and how to get there.” She ended up living with a family member but always kept in touch with her CASA volunteer. When her case closed, she sent a thank-you card that read: “There are no words to express what joy you have brought into my life. You have helped me in so many ways. I

Do you like that quote? I do. I like it a lot. I wish I’d thought of it and that I could claim it as my own. But I didn’t, and so I can’t. Still, that didn’t stop my shameless self from using it above did it? No, it didn’t, because if that adage applies any where, it surely applies here at CASA of the Mid-Shore, where its self-evident truth reverberates with the shock of recognition. In fact, some folks not only like it, they live it out fully every day ~ folks like Executive Director Robin Davenport, Development Director Kelly Simonson and Outreach Coordinator Jane Crawford, as well as the handful of others on this small, dedicated staff. Folks like Mary Griffin - President; Christine McWilliams - Secretary; Richard Potter and the other members of an exemplary Board of Directors. Folks like the nearly 500 generous donors of in-kind services and allimportant cash ~ some who make annual contributions of $10, others who make annual contributions of $20,000. And, most of all, folks like 64

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