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The Case for CASA by Cliff Rhys James

She didn’t do anything wrong. Nobody’s perfect, and we all make mistakes, but surely this is not justified. Still, she wonders what happened and why, and just how it all had come to this. What a piece of work is man. She looks out from behind the isolation at the passing world, wondering if it is, fearing that it might be, indifferent to her plight ~ but she’s wrong. It’s not. “Gather the courage to send a signal,” the wee small voice of an angel says. “For there are many who walk among you with souls of servants and helping hands to boot ~ if only you’ll help them help you ~ if only you’ll gather the courage to break the awful silence. They can’t change the past,” the angel whispers, “no one can, not in this world. But they offer shelter from the storm, respite from the present pain and overflowing hope for good measure for as far as the eye can see into a bright new future. Their hearts burn with the warmth of a thousand suns, enough to drive off the chill. Help them help you, for there is deliverance from this broken road, and we ~ you, me, them ~ all of us, we will change the shape of things to come.” Then out of the thin light a hand reaches toward her. It’s an adult

hand, but this one isn’t raised to strike, this one isn’t clenched into an angry fist. She wants to trust it, but experience is a hard teacher, and it has taught her many hard lessons. “Help them help you, reach for the helping hand,” the angel whispers. And so she does, and ~ whoosh ~ for the first time in a very long while, perhaps for the first time in living memory, there’s a kind and caring adult standing next to her holding her hand. The angel was right, she feels the warmth of a thousand suns. She reached out to the world, and the world reached back. If her young mind could conjure new impressions from an old rock anthem, she might think: Something is happening here What it is ain’t exactly clear. ……. Stephen Stills (For What it’s Worth) To whom does that adult hand be57

April 2016 ttimes web magazine  

Tidewater Times April 2016

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