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Binge-Watching Hugh Bonneville and Brendan Coyle ~ the thinking woman’s hotties. The other great thing about binge-watching is that you can sit there all day in your pajamas with your unkempt hair, and no one can criticize your poor grooming habits, housekeeping neglect, and undone work because you are all alone with your popcorn, your idiot box, and your total lack of any serious thoughts. Like most indoor sports, you don’t have to look your best. Sure, you might be brain dead after watching twelve straight hours of The Simpsons, but you’ll know more than you want about the state of American culture, subversively delivered with outrageous satire and yellow cartoon characters. As a godchild of mine says, when you’re tired of The Simpsons, you’re tired of life. And it’s a pretty big cult. We recognize one another by our ability to toss off Simpson’s quotes and identify obscure plot lines and characters. Better five straight episodes of Springfield than a dull hour of

something as pretentious as, say, Homeland. Right now, the best show you’re not watching is Lucifer. Unless you have absolutely no sense of humor (and I know who you are), this wickedly clever satire of the police procedural genre, where an eccentric amateur detective teams up with a law enforcement professional to solve the crime, is diabolically good. It’s funny and it’s fun, and we fans know that unless more people watch, it’s too good to last. So, if we can’t get at least a thirteen-episode contract, the binge-watch won’t be half as much fun. Take a tip from Auntie Helen, the serious student of television, and tune in to Lucifer. Helen Chappell is the creator of the Sam and Hollis mystery series and the Oysterback stories, as well as The Chesapeake Book of the Dead. Under her pen name, Rebecca Baldwin, she has published a number of historical novels. 24

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