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Odd Names on the Map Flood Avenue and Hat Rack Lane. Even intersections of roads in Talbot County can be amusing. In Easton, Nixon Drive intersects Reagan Drive and Kennedy Street (somebody was trying to cover all the political bases there); while off Rt. 309, Fox Road intersects with Hound Road; Turkey Corner Road intersects with Gobble Road; and Siberia Road intersects with Klondike Road (how inappropriate are those last two names for the Eastern Shore!). Other roads don’t intersect, but I wish they did: Mystic Avenue and Wizard’s Avenue; Mt. Misery and Mt. Pleasant; Chew Avenue and Pot

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Pie Road; Black Dog Alley and Kitty’s Corner Road; Love’s Folly Road and Bachelors Point Road; Skeleton Creek Road and Body Lane (we’ve got to get those two together); Traveler’s Rest Road and Retirement Road; Heavenly Haven Road and Hels Half Acre Road; Blarney Stone Lane and Irish Circle Drive; Valliant Point and Coward’s Point; Screamersville Road and Solitude Road (no doubt the Solitude people would complain about their neighbors); Wye Avenue and Wye Knot Drive near Wye Landing, and so forth. But wye go on? One of my favorite Talbot County names is Hoochy Coochy Road off of Kingston Road, but when I looked for it, all I found was an empty field. Places like that are called geographical ghosts and often occur when streets and roads in planned developments on maps do not materialize in actuality. So even though Hoochy Coochy Road is marked on the ADC map of Talbot County, you may seek it, but it won’t be there. Yet, anyway. Although I have seen a number of the roads in this article (Screamersville Road is real), I can’t guarantee that some of them aren’t geographical ghosts, too. But while some of them might not be on the landscape, they’re all on the map! James Dawson owns and operates the Unicorn Bookstore in Trappe.


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