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Tidewater Review first chapter and was mesmerized until I finished the last page at a little after midnight.

The main charac ters are t wo half-brothers. The older boy, Paul, is sixteen and his little half-brother, Richard, nicknamed Rocky, is seven as the story opens in 1977. Paul’s mother is bad news. Paul loves her, but her marriage doesn’t last long. She’s mostly out of the picture. Eventually, the boys’ father, always called the Old Man, remarries. The new, much younger wife is Rocky’s mother. The Old Man loves both his sons, but his new wife resents Paul. She’s very religious and bristles at his reputation in town as a “bad boy.” He smokes and drinks beer, and drives his Chevy Nova around town with the radio at top decibels blaring Neil Young albums and with one

Harry W. Heinsohn, Inc. General Contractors Established 1961 · Additions · Remodeling · Custom Homes · Improvements · Repairs · Small Jobs


MHIC #1841 · 506 Brookletts Ave., Easton, Maryland 21601 · MHBR #975 178

April 2016 ttimes web magazine  

Tidewater Times April 2016

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