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Lost to the Bay Antoinette’s List, presumably because he was not “lost at sea.” He was electrocuted on a boat belonging to Levin Harrison, Jr., while docked at their oyster house beside the Tilghman Bridge, now the site of the Phillips Wharf Environmental Center. Levin’s boat needed to be pumped out, so he sent Charles to get a pump from his brother Randolph Harrison’s boat. Stanley Covington recalls that it was an electric pump with just two wires, ungrounded, so that if there was a short anywhere, it would be dangerous. There was a short, apparently, for Charles was killed the instant he plugged in that old pump.

H u g h J . H a d d a w a y, J r. (1960). The List says only “fell in Knapps Narrows.” I have found no one who recalls him or this incident. Nadell Sinclair (1961) is another about which we know little. The List says only that he “missed step in anchorage.” Stanley Covington suspects Nadell, who liked his beer, may have fallen from a dock. Edward Gowe, Sr. (1961). Covington’s List says he “fell in Narrows while tonging,” but that is misleading. Capt. Larrimore confirms that in those days there were a fair number of oysters in the Narrows, especially around the Bridge, but he remembers that Ed was run over in his tonging skiff by Bobby Preston, an oyster buyer who worked for

Knapps Narrows, circa 1960. 158

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